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A Twist of Water A rare, four-star play sensing the current of a changing Chicago, Chicago Tribune
Changing families live out their little lives … against the backdrop of Chicago history — represented here by some muted but powerful projections of Chicago's past from the gifted designer John Boesche and accompanied by a haunting original score from Lindsay Jones.
–Chris Jones

Damnation of Faust Commentary from Projections Designer John Boesche, You Tube

Damnation of Faust A hip soiree in Hades, Chicago Tribune
We first see Faust (tenor Paul Groves) at his computer: a disillusioned man of science spinning digital formulas that Chicago designer John Boesche projects on to the … bare modern decor.
–John von Rhein

Damnation of Faust Hell á la Mode: John Boesche projects ‘The Damnation of Faust, Lighting & Sound America
‘The Damnation of Faust’ practically calls out for a non-traditional staging.

Lulu Opera Today
Berg’s musical interlude serves as the accompaniment to a black-and-white film of the arrest, trial, and subsequent confinement of Lulu. This extension of the projected images used between other scenes is a dramatic masterstroke, in which the actual singers are filmed and displayed in the cinematic style of the period. —Salvatore Calomino

Radiance: The Passion of Marie Curie at Geffen Playhouse LA Times
Thomas Lynch’s moody sets, darkly lighted by Daniel Ionazzi and featuring luminous Parisian projections by John Boesche, provide a lyrical background for Curie as she struggles to isolate the pure element radium after the tragic death of her husband and lab partner, Pierre.  
—Charles McNulty

Finishing The Picture
More video projections - designed by John Boesche as silent, shadowy evocations of Misfits-like landscapes and images - are shown while scenes change. These devices add a slight kick to a mostly inert first act…—Richard Christiansen

Beyond Glory Days of Glory, Live Design
John Boesche creates war-torn imagery for the off broadway debut of "Beyond Glory"
—Robert Cashill