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A Twist of Water A rare, four-star play sensing the current of a changing Chicago, Chicago Tribune
Changing families live out their little lives … against the backdrop of Chicago history — represented here by some muted but powerful projections of Chicago's past from the gifted designer John Boesche and accompanied by a haunting original score from Lindsay Jones.
–Chris Jones

Damnation of Faust Commentary from Projections Designer John Boesche, You Tube

Damnation of Faust A hip soiree in Hades, Chicago Tribune
We first see Faust (tenor Paul Groves) at his computer: a disillusioned man of science spinning digital formulas that Chicago designer John Boesche projects on to the … bare modern decor.
–John von Rhein

Damnation of Faust Hell á la Mode: John Boesche projects ‘The Damnation of Faust, Lighting & Sound America
‘The Damnation of Faust’ practically calls out for a non-traditional staging.

Lulu Opera Today
Berg’s musical interlude serves as the accompaniment to a black-and-white film of the arrest, trial, and subsequent confinement of Lulu. This extension of the projected images used between other scenes is a dramatic masterstroke, in which the actual singers are filmed and displayed in the cinematic style of the period. —Salvatore Calomino

Radiance: The Passion of Marie Curie at Geffen Playhouse LA Times
Thomas Lynch’s moody sets, darkly lighted by Daniel Ionazzi and featuring luminous Parisian projections by John Boesche, provide a lyrical background for Curie as she struggles to isolate the pure element radium after the tragic death of her husband and lab partner, Pierre.  
—Charles McNulty